How it works

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Step 1

create an account

You need to create an account to add your good practice. Just register on the site with your email address and create a secure password.

Step 2

add your basic details

Here you will add basic details like school and local authority as well as stage and curriculum area. This will help people find your listing.

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Step 3

Adding your listing details is where you explain the background to developing this practice and what you did. You will also write about impact and feedback and you can include video links as well as text.

Step 4

adding files and images

Adding files and images will really help others to see what you did and get a head start on doing something similar. Share your policies and presentations and images/videos of your development.

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Step 5

The last step is to add in your contact information. One of the aims of the site is to facilitate collaboration and sharing. Fellow practitioners may want to get in touch to discuss/ visit.

Ready to get started?

We recommend you set aside maybe 20 minutes to complete your listing. Have any images or documents to hand. Make sure you share any cloud documents publicly and add links to them so others can access/ make copies.